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Cannabis in medicine

OutdoorGod gave us the miraculous hemp plant, and that is why we should honor it and its qualities. The medicinal healing effects of hemp plants and their analgesic substances were recognized very early. In ancient China, the plant was known for its treatment methods of rheumatism. In ancient medicine books of China one can look up some things. They were repeatedly brought back into the following epochs and found use for them. That is, the hemp plant was very much appreciated as a medicine and this knowledge was to be passed on to us.

And so the pain relief was a major factor. Cannabis helped with everything and everyone. Regardless of whether sleep problems, menstrual problems or inflammation: People used very often and also very much like cannabis against so about every conceivable800px-CannabissativadiorIllness.

Since cannabis and its cannabinoids are a herbal remedy, this medicine hardly has any side effects at all. In most cases, cannabis is well tolerated and used with medication, whereas patients with conventional drugs are all the more tortured with annoying side effects. These often only bring more actually avoidable complaints.

The spectrum is great

Multiple_Sklerose_2_424x268The spectrum of diseases that can be treated or relieved with medicinal hemp is very great. Through our improved science almost every year, it could soon be possible to produce the right medicine for many patients. Since cannabis as medicine is very controversial, it will probably take a while. In some diseases, it is almost unimaginable that such a multipurpose plant can help. However, the use of cannabis can also be helpful in hyperactivity, depression, allergies, epilepsy and cancer. Healing processes and results are regularly documented and evaluated by doctors. Studies also show that cannabis does not show any low efficacy in all listed diseases. Even in AIDS and multiple sclerosis, researchers now promise great success through the use of cannabis.

Ingredients of cannabis

Cannabis has many ingredients. But above all two of them form the healing effect. THC and cannabidiol. However, the appropriate substance and its administration depends on the type and severity of the particular disease. Behind this cultivated plant, however, countless other phenomena are concealed. Here, about 600 different substances are found, which have not yet been thoroughly investigated and named. What was soon recognized, however, was that the substances of the cannabis can only develop when heated.

Effect of THC and cannabidiol

cbd-vs-thc-300x233The two so-called main substances also show great differences in their effect on the human body and mind. THC acts very psychoactivating, but cannabidiol hardly. But very pain-relieving. And thus it was quickly clear that there will be many areas of application for medical cannabis. These substances are administered in a wide variety of ways. Different effects can be achieved depending on the method and the amount of administration (drops, capsules, oil, etc.).

Type of administration

The various active ingredients can be administered in the form of drops or tablets by the so-called cannabis extracts and therefore do not necessarily have to be smoked, as is often suspected. Though of courseSeizure-Disorders-And-Medical-Marijuana-300x213Which is a possibility that many prefer. Medicinal cannabis is administered in certain doses. The standard values are 2.5 to 15 mg. Also, the duration of the action is an important point that should be considered. For example, with a duration of approximately 5 to 10 hours, a rheumatologist would only need to consume his medicine hemp once or three times a day. This way, it would ideally be able to completely free the day. Also, the use of various cannabinoids is becoming increasingly popular among chronically ill children. The substances are usually mixed with capsules or drops under the food.

Application in medicine

Patients who want to consume their medical cannabis by smoking are advised to vaporise their cannabis. When vaporizingMedicalMarijuana-300x193 The substances do not burn, they evaporate. This means that the cannabis is only heated to such an extent that most of the psychotropic substances evaporate. This method is particularly important for such patients, since the danger of carcinogenic substances is avoided, for example, by admixture of tobacco. In addition, the daily repeated smoking stimulates the respiratory tract of the affected persons, that it can come under certain circumstances to respiratory diseases.

Many medicines manufactured and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry have some side effects. Of course, certain active ingredients of the drug counteract the problem to be treated. The tricky however is that most of our medications are also oursneue-arzneimittel_900x510(Still) healthy cells attack, which can ultimately lead to new problems. Many people suffer from drug intolerance. This may well be the case with cannabis. Compatibility is not always guaranteed in every cannabis patient. This is simply because each organism reacts differently to the substances that are added to it. Therefore, a feeling of nausea or dizziness may also occur during treatment by THC or cannabidiol. In contrast to chemical drugs, however, no severe partial life-threatening interactions are known. Thus, the patient is often able to lead a largely normal life.

Who gets medical cannabis?

It should be noted that cannabis in the medicine is not prescribed without any sense and reason to anyone who sometimes needs to report. Much more is about the people who really need help and fast healing. Affected patients often suffer from severe pain, which is also caused by the numerous medicines. This is followed by important medical examinations,arztgespraech104_v-TeaserAufmacherPartly also by a second and third opinion. The way to the medical cannabis is thus very long however for many simply required. Medicinal mash is exactly matched to the patient, just like the conventional medicine. The medication is gradually adjusted step by step, by increasing the dose regularly. The benefit of cannabis in medicine is not to get into a state of noise, but to be healthy and to be cured. More and more cannabis patients benefit from the healing effect. And so the hemp plant as a miracle cure goes back into history.

Where does the cannabis come from?

Companies that are dedicated to cultivating medicinal plants are regularly controlled by strict and exact procedures. This allows efficient use without major risks. A special regulation and the fulfillment of strict conditions are necessary here. The medical cannabis is cultivated and harvested by the best „growers“. This means that patients receive only products of high-quality, organic, ecological and natural cannabis. After that, it can process the pharmaceutical industry into medicines.

size=708x398Despite the proven benefits and healing chances, cannabis is still categorized as a kind of drug in medicine. Of course, it would be purely theoretically possible to prescribe drugs in Germany by THC drugs. However, this is a bit more difficult because of our legal basis. Because the trick is: Who pays these drugs? In most cases the health insurance does not cover the costs. Many health insurance funds also expressly deny this. Since the prices are very high, it is hardly possible to afford this. Monthly, a chronically ill person can expect from around 400 to over 1.000 € for the drugs.

Why is cannabis illegal, though it helps so many people?

It is important to know that anyone who makes cannabis without legal permission is punishable. No matter whether for medical purposes or as a stimulant. There are, of course, countless examples of the curative effect,_1616061_cannabis_medical300To whom many patients have a complaint-free life. On the other hand, many sufferers are very desperately looking for support from their health insurance companies. But they usually hope in vain. The authorities and the responsible clerks do not know or want to understand that medical cannabis is often the only solution for rheumatic disease without being able to move without pain.

People suffering from the known Tourette syndrome, for example, plague daily with their attacks and feel exposed to the public. And even depressed people see only darkness by day. All these patients are treated with cannabis. Billions of patients from a wide range of diseases would once again have the opportunity to live a life of their own, but why is it not possible for them to do so by our politicians and society?

There are states in our world who have come to the conclusion that cannabis may be used as a medical device. But I’m wondering if it really takes a decision to see where the advantages of medicinal hemp lie. In this relationship, it does not matter how muchcannabinoids03_01 Cannabis as a drug. It is obvious that many people can be cured. I believe that every human being has a right to take the best possible therapy options. Actually, I am pissed that millions of corporate leaders have the freedom to ban a healing plant from which other people can be saved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/mk_content_box][mk_padding_divider size=“30″][mk_padding_divider size=“200″][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]

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