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Hemp – a plant enters the story

Geschichte von Cannabis

Admittedly, it is not to be denied that the hemp plants stand alone by their outward appearance. They can not only look quite different, they also smell very pronounced. Since it was foreseeable that such a conspicuous plant does not remain unexplored and unknown for a long time. For this reason it is relatively easy to explain why the first discovery and use of cannabis plants has long been the case. Earlier in human history, the potential of the hemp plant was discovered. Scientists suggest that the plant has been cultivated and grown 12,000 years BC. The last clue you got was that the roots of this plant reach to ancient China.

There one says the plant played a significant share in agriculture and use for other purposes. At first, the seeds of the hemp plants were used as food for animals and humans. By and by, people realized that the stalks and fibers of the plant are also useful for many purposes. Within a short time, the plant’s history of hemp plants gave it all it had! People liked to make clothes, textiles and paper from the plant. The first medically prescribed cannabis was first documented in the second century after Christ. It is believed, however, that even before Christ people used cannabinoids. Chinese doctors gave their patients in most cases cannabis to relieve pain – especially women at birth!

Hemp discovered the world – or vice versa?

Geschichte des HanfsOf course, you can not really find and explore everything, but it is said that the hemp plant comes from Kazakhstan. From there it spread to South and East Asia. At the same time, China also enjoyed the abilities of this plant. While the cannabis plant and all its diverse uses in Asia were indispensable, the Europeans probably did not even suspect something of such a miracle plant. Europe discovered the all-connoisseur some 6,000 years ago. This, however, was a very „important“ step in the history of cannabis. The Hanftextilien enjoyed great popularity. In ancient Egypt and Greece, hemp fabrics were already made abundantly. According to stories, the people of Ancient Rome were already aware of the joyous effect of cannabis use. The noise effect was called „cheerfulness“. But medicine also had a high priority in medicine. The pain relief was first. Anyone who was chronically ill and suffered from infernal pain got


The first critical views were made by the church. She said that those who cannabis Karl the Great Cannabis Consumers were in a league with the devil. By stubborn critics against cannabis and thus the hemp plant, these soon disappeared from the public. But then Charles the Great came and helped the plant to new fame. From then on the hemp cultivation in Europe was regarded as completely normal. The healing pleasure was brought to America by Christopher Columbus, where they were quickly used. Cannabis facilitated the slaves there the bad living conditions among their masters. Thus the consumption of this plant was assigned mainly to the African Americans, similar to jazz. But in fact, jazz and cannabis were at the same time almost identical.

Cannabis is forbidden

Harry anslinger CannabisThe whole sheet then turned around in 1916, when the campaign against cannabis began in America. The leader of this hunt was Harry Anslinger. He was even appointed Head of the State Drug and Drug Administration. After his appointment, Anslinger launched further anti-cannabis campaigns. Supporters of the hemp plant suspected that these hate campaigns had a different reason than indicated. Everyone knew that, unlike wood, hemp was the better alternative for paper making. Also in the textile industry and other economic areas hemp could permanently replace other substances. As most people were concerned about profit at the time, entrepreneurs soon agreed: Only by prohibiting cannabis is the possibility of gaining more profits. Quickly rumors turn around, which leave the hemp plant quite badly there. Not only the plant but also all its good, productive products lose value and sympathy.

With a statement, Harry Anslinger has especially taken care of:


„There are a total of 100,000 marijuana smokers in the US; Most of them are Negroes, Hispanic, Filipinos and freelance artists. The satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana consumption. This causes white women to seek marijuana, sexual relations with Negroes, these kind of artists, and all of them „


Here, the abuse of consumers has begun in public. What irony was that the history of Cannabis-American independence was written on hemp paper and one of the most famous American presidents – George Washington himself cultivated cannabis. And yet, the critics did not think of a demise of cannabis. The reasons for this were often very doubtful, imagined and untrue. The campaign has attracted lots of people and convinced them that cannabis is only a threat.


Cannabis today

Cannabis leaf on grunge background, shallow DOF.

In many places cannabis is now equated as illegal drug with cocaine, heroin or Chrystal Meth. Although the hemp plant is a cultural tradition in our history, as well as alcohol, and it still offers a great deal of advantages, it remains a taboo subject in many places. Today, it is predominantly conservative people and entrepreneurs of pharmaceutical industries that are opposed to legalization. Until now, the consumption of cannabis is legal in only a few countries. Through the method in the Netherlands, the legalization in Uruguay and the increased legalization in some US states, the topic of „cannabis legalization“ is becoming more and more interesting in Germany. But I believe the plant and its followers have a long way to go to legalization.

worth knowingIn China, hemp was called „Ma“.
The Chinese emperor Senhenung suggested hemp for gout, malaria, rheumatism and constipation. Indian smokes cannabis history
In India cannabis was considered a drug and helped with meditations.
A Buddha on his enlightening path feeds only on hemp seed
Naturforscherin and healer Hildegard von Bingen praises cannabis in 1000 AD during stomach discomfort.
Leonardo da Vinci painted the famous Mona Lisa on hemp paper in 1502/03 AD.According to wisdom from Ancient India, the cannabis smell is to protect from evil.

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